Midlands PKA Kickboxing

Professional Kickboxing Association PKA – Martial Arts classes in Ilkeston, Derbyshire - West Hallam, Derbyshire - Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.


Fun, friendly & safe

Kickboxing classes for all ages & abilities so whether you want to get fit, lose weight, learn self-defense or compete we have something for everybody.



We have a variety of kickboxing classes in three locations on 3 different days to suit all ages and abilities whether you are a complete beginner or experienced martial artist.

Benefits of kickboxing
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PKA Experienced Kickboxing Instructors
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  • "I started a kickboxing class to get fit, I really enjoy the cardio side of the sport and since joining in June 2010 I have lost 4lb in weight, I feel more toned and have a flatter stomach! I have already recommended 2 people to the Eastwood class!"- Lewis Romane
  • Lee and Jo provide expert tuition under a very watchful eye... Friendly and caring, but strong enough to put the children in their place without even raising their voices, they have given Noah (6) so much confidence since he started with them- Pippa Owen
  • My son Aidan has grown in strengh and confidence, every lesson is kept interesting and fun, yet challenging at the same time, highly recomended to anyone, keep up the good work guys- Stephen Bloor
  • My wife & I have been going to Midlands PKA Kickboxing for several years now. They have professional expert instructors that provide a warm, friendly & very welcoming atmosphere. The classes are very family-friendly with all ages & skill levels attending- Matt Ward
  • Jo, Lee & Amie are all brilliant instructors and I can't recommend their classes enough! They're always well taught with the right balance of hard work and fun, which leads to a great atmosphere for their students. I don't think anyone who is serious about Martial Arts would be disappointed in their classes. Top work!- David Stevenson
  • I've been attending PKA Kickboxing for over a year and i thoroughly enjoy the amazing professional training given by Lee and Jo jones. They manage the lessons very well making sure everyone feels apart of the team and helping any individual to their very best to improve on what they need extra help.- Matthew Smith
  • I'd defintley recommend PKA! I've done martial arts previously but the club is very appealing and welcoming to anyone that hasn't done any before. - Ben SKinner
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