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Mixed Kickboxing 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Sparring Class 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Hall Park Academy
Mansfield Road
NG16 3EB



The Eastwood class has been established since 2009 and is a mixed ability class with students of all ages taught by Instructor Marie.

There are a wide variety of students that train at Eastwood and because of its close location to Ilkeston many students train at both clubs

Beginners and Advanced Kickboxing

There are a wide variety of students that train at Eastwood and because of its close location to Ilkeston many students train at both clubs. As there are students of all levels and ages we teach a wide variety of kickboxing techniques but encourage everyone who trains there to work at their own pace and skill level. Everyone is friendly and respectful in the classes, helping each other is encouraged as is being able to work with anyone within the class. It is because of this attitude we instil within people that we have built up an extremely popular and successful kickboxing club at Eastwood, Nottingham.

Sparring Class

Although we do ‘spar’ in the normal classes this class is for the people that enjoy the fighting side of the sport more. The sparring class is dedicated to sparring and technique only, there are no fitness drills or other ‘time fillers’. Everyone who takes part in this class whether they are advanced or complete beginners shows the up most respect for each other and the club as a whole. There are no ‘fight clubs’ or beat downs everyone is here to learn and improve.

One of the biggest things we teach within the sparring class is the confidence to have a go and practise the techniques they have learnt properly, and safely.

Again, everyone works to their own level and are closely supervised. Even though we practise light contact sparring students are required to wear protective equipment consisting of gloves, boots, shinguard, headguard, gumshield, groin guard and must have an up-to-date PKA License and insurance

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