Kickboxing benefits for core strength, mental strength, and health and fitness


Martial Arts have been around for literally centuries upon centuries, and this age-old discipline is still vastly popular in countries all over the world, and is arguably more popular now than at any other point in previous history. There are numerous different forms of Martial Arts, but arguably the most popular and most practised form is Kickboxing, and it is kickboxing we’ll be focusing on here. Not only does kickboxing teach you discipline, self control, and self defence, it is also incredibly beneficial for health, fitness, and general well-being purposes, both physically and mentally. Here we’ll be taking a look at how kickboxing is able to benefit the mind and the body, by providing benefits which assist in core strength, mental health, and general health and fitness too.

Benefits for the mind – If you’ve ever seen happy and positive people around you, you’ve probably noticed that they just so happen to be fit, healthy, and active. The reason for this is that exercise and physical activity in general has been proven on multiple occasions to improve our mental health and just basically make us feel calmer, happier, and more content in life. Kickboxing is ideal for improving mental health because it provides an effective way of relieving stress and tension, which we all get from time to time. You can take your aggression out on pads, mats, bags, and various other apparatus, all the while getting fitter, healthier, and slimmer in the process. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins within our bodies, which are known as happy chemicals because they make us feel happy and confident. Kickboxing is an incredibly effective form of exercise, so once you’ve gone home, showered, and eaten, you’ll feel happier and calmer than ever before.


Benefits for the core – If you’ve ever heard people talking about ‘functional strength’ they’re referring to strength that is mostly generated via the core. People think of the core as the six pack abdominal muscles but in reality there are many other different muscles in the midsection that make up a person’s core. Due to the fact that you’re moving, striking, kicking, turning, ducking etc, the muscles in the core all get a fantastic workout, which in turn leads to increased functional strength, improved balance, improved flexibility, plus if you work hard enough, a lean ripped stomach that you can grate cheese on.


Weight loss benefits – Another fantastic benefit of kickboxing is the fact that it burns so many calories. If you’re really putting some effort into each training session, you have the potential to burn around 800 – 1000 calories in just one hour, and that is one heck of an achievement which will literally have the fat melting from your body. Not only are you losing fat by burning calories, you’re also toning your muscles and improving your stamina and your fitness in the process.

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