Three reasons to take up Kickboxing this New Year

Well, unfortunately it’s that time again. The tree and the decorations have been packed away for another year, the pretty lights have come down, your bank account is probably not in the best of shape, and neither will be your waistlines either, come to that. Yes, it can mean only one thing, the dreaded January back to reality blues. If like most people, you spent your Christmas partying, eating far too much junk, and drinking far too much sugar and alcohol, and not getting as much exercise as you should have done, then obviously this will have taken a toll on your body and you will now have a number of excess pounds to lose to get back down to your pre-holiday weight. The New Year is an extremely busy time for gyms, fitness centres, and in our case, martial arts centres as well, with people looking to not only lose the weight they almost certainly will have gained over Christmas, but to also learn a new skill and undertake a new pastime that all of the family can get involved in. Here are three great reasons to take up Kickboxing this New Year.


It’s a great way of getting fit after Christmas – As we mentioned previously, one of the main benefits of taking up kickboxing in the New Year is to help get fit after Christmas and to help you lose the weight you gained over the festive season. Kickboxing and martial arts in general is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise that will burn hundreds upon hundreds of calories off in no time at all. In fact, a typical one hour martial arts session has the potential of burning anything between 500 and 1000 calories, depending on how hard you push yourself. If you’re seeing, and feeling the effects of eating one (or several) too many mince pies over Christmas then why not take up Martial Arts and help melt the fat from your body seemingly right before your eyes.


It’s great for all of the family – The problem with Christmas is that we still have a good two or three months of cold winter weather to get through before things begin to warm up and get a little lighter, which means many of us spend far too much time indoors, not getting enough exercise. If you’re looking for a way for you, and your family to learn a fun, practical, and exciting new discipline, then kickboxing and martial arts classes could be ideal. There are classes on offer for all of the family so that you can all get involved, have fun, learn new skills, and get some much needed exercise and time out of the house.


It’s the perfect time for special offers – If you’re looking for the perfect time to join martial arts and kickboxing classes then there is no better time than early in the New Year as we have a number of special offers and promotions on offer for the entire month of January. We know how expensive Christmas can be and how tight funds can be in the New Year, so why not take advantage of some of the fantastic special offers and promotions on offer for the whole of January?

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