Importance of Drinking Water During Exercise

Water is the universe’s natural life bringer. Without it there would be no life on Earth, or anywhere else for that matter. Where there is water, there’s life, it’s that simple. Water is absolutely vital, and it’s no different when it comes to our bodies either. We can survive for days, possibly even weeks without food, yet just a couple of days without water could prove fatal for a majority of people. The human body is comprised of almost 80% water, so that alone should tell you how important water actually is for us. When it comes to exercising, water really comes into its own and is absolutely essential for ensuring that we stay hydrated and perform at our best. But why do we actually need water, and why is it so important?

Why should we be drinking water during exercise? – Water helps to keep us hydrated during exercise, which helps in a whole variety of different ways, for starters it helps our muscles to perform more efficiently and more effectively. If you’re wondering how exactly, then here’s a look at some of the more basic examples of why drinking water is so crucial.

Water helps transport energy – The human body relies on glucose, oxygen, and other nutrients in order to provide it with vital energy to help get it through the day. When you exercise, the body’s natural energy requirements are obviously very dramatically increased, as the body uses the energy much quicker than if you were just sat around watching TV. Think of a car, if you drive the car with your foot flat on the accelerator pedal, driving at top speed, the car will use its fuel much quicker than if you were driving slowly. Well, the same principle applies in your body. The muscles, or rather the cells within the muscles all require energy, and it is water that helps to transport this energy around the body so that they get it.

Water keeps you hydrated – When you exercise you perspire and sweat. Within this sweat you will lose water and vital minerals and electrolytes that the body thrives upon. When you lose this water and these nutrients, you will obviously need to replace them as quickly as possible, or else you run the risk of suffering from dehydration. Dehydration can lead to painful muscle cramps, a severe drop in energy, nausea, sickness, dizziness, headaches, and much more on top of that, including the inability to regulate body temperature. To help to counteract these effects, you need to consume water before, during, and after bouts of physical exercise, no matter how intense or slow paced this exercise may actually be.



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