3 Reasons to try a kickboxing class!

Three great reasons to take up Kickboxing classes


Ok, so we’re well into 2014 now, and you thought that by now, all of that extra Christmas weight that you gained over the festive season would have been lost by now, yet unfortunately, the only thing you’re losing could very well be the will to live. Yep, gaining weight is far, far easier than losing it unfortunately, and for that reason, if you’re looking to shape up after the New Year, you’ll need to make some pretty drastic changes. However, change is often a good thing, and if you decide to make some positive changes to your life, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. One change you could make for instance, is to join a Kickboxing class to help you get fitter, healthier, and happier. Here are just three reasons.

You learn a skill – Kickboxing is about far more than simply getting fit and healthy. It’s about learning a new discipline in the form of a martial art. Kickboxing takes years upon years to perfect, yet after each and every class, you’ll learn a new skill that will carry over until your next class. Before you know it, each little thing you learn will fit together with the next piece, until you’re a seasoned pro gaining new belts and accolades.

You get fitter and in shape – Kickboxing is a great way to help get in shape and lose weight. Did you know, that in a typical one hour kickboxing class, the average student burns off between 800 and 1000 calories. Now, bear in mind that the average gym goer who spends an hour on a treadmill, will be lucky to burn off 500 calories in the same space of time.

You will learn self defence – Hopefully you won’t ever have to use your martial arts skills out in the real world, but just in case, kickboxing allows you the opportunity to learn self defence moves that could potentially help protect you, or others around you one day.

So there you have it, just three out of the many, many different reasons why you should join a Kickboxing class this year.

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